How to Tell If Your Wooden Furniture Contains Hazardous Wood Particles

What exactly is Wood Furniture? Your furniture is normally made from various woods classified as soft, hard, or painted. The type of wood is also one of the determining factors that affect how well your furniture will age and how long it’ll last. Although some woods do better than others, such as teak, walnut, cherry etc, most hardwoods like oak and maple are suitable for high end, quality furniture.

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Hardwood has different qualities in terms of how it ages and what it’s best suited for. Soft wood furniture (like pine) tends to be lighter in colour and more open than hard wood furniture (like cherry). There are various finishes you can get for wood furniture, but the most popular ones include natural (or aged wood finish), polished, semi-annual (interior finish usually twice a year), and annual (seasonal finish). Some manufacturers use a combination of these different wood finishes

A lot of people ask about how to treat their wood furniture, especially if it’s done with the standard sanding and finishing techniques. Sanding can remove small imperfections and leave a nice clean finish, but it can cause scratches if not performed correctly. If you do accidentally sand the finish too much, simply buff it up with a small piece of buffing stone until the scratch is gone. With semi-annual and annual treatments, small scratches are barely visible so you don’t have to worry about them. However, if your wood furniture gets heavy usage, it’s recommended you have it professionally polished once in a while to restore that beautiful shine.

Polishing is another common question from amateur to professional wood furniture makers and it’s quite simple actually. For most types of wooden furniture, you can easily buff the surface and make it look as good as new. Make sure you buy a high quality product to ensure that you get a durable finish. This will also keep it looking more attractive for years to come. Buffing may be more tedious than sanding, but it’s a whole lot less expensive than replacing your old finish.

Some types of wood furniture, such as solid woods don’t react well to being buffed or sanded. If you have solid woods, you should take care to avoid sharp objects like brooms, razors, and other dangerous tools. If you want to clean your furniture using just household items, you can also use soft bristled toothbrush and a little water to clean stubborn stains. If your pieces have intricate designs or finish such as varnish or paint, it might be more difficult to remove stains with a hard bristled brush, so you should consider hiring a professional furniture cleaning service to remove any unwanted stains on your wooden furniture.

Another common question that I get from people who are considering wooden furniture is how to tell if their piece of wood furniture contains any lead, arsenic, or asbestos. Although there are some cases where these harmful chemicals can be found in wood furniture, most manufacturers will not use them. Amish made pieces of wood furniture are also the most pure and purest sources of these chemicals. These Amish craftsmen adhere to a very stringent code of ethics that prohibits the use of lead, arsenic, and other hazardous materials in their products.

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