Is Your Website iPhone and iPad Compatible?

A lot of businesses spend a lot of money to have their key messages turned into slick Flash animations or videos, and yet have no idea that their attention-grabbing messages are actually appearing as blank white boxes on Apple’s latest technologies.

How to Sync Your iPhone and IPad: Email, Photos, Texts, and More

Does it matter if people can’t see all your site on their iPhone or iPad?

The iPhone has sold over 30 million units since its launch and 2 million iPads sold in the first few weeks after it was released. These figures by no means represent a large percentage of the mobile or tablet PC market, but consider the demographics of the people who own iPads and iPhones: above-average level of affluence, and more likely to be business people. So though they may not be a large percentage of the market, they could well be a very relevant group to your business thu mua apple watch cu.

What are your options?

Assuming you want to address this problem, there are several options open to you. There are video and animation-style technologies that will work perfectly on the iPhone and iPad (for instance, the slider on the homepage of this website is compatible). If you have video on your website that’s been converted to Flash, you can go back to the original video files and recompress them into a new format that is compatible (e.g. MPEG-4) – or even upload them to YouTube which is also compatible with Apple’s kit.

What if your whole website was built using Flash?

It’s time for a new website – seriously. Not only will a Flash site not appear on the iPad and iPhone, but the search engines can’t read the content so you are unlikely to gain any kind of decent search engine listing. New sites don’t have to be expensive, so it’s worth making the small investment.

If you aren’t sure whether your site is iPhone or iPad compatible, let us know – we have both of these market-changing technologies on hand so will be able to test your site for you.

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