Aerials Ads Are Soaring

Now a day, companies are not thinking twice when it comes to spending on an aerial advertisement. Aerial ads are fast moving up the menu as the marketing tool of choice for many companies. An instant audience, sometimes captive if they are caught in traffic gridlock, means businesses are finding out about the many benefits of an airplane advertisement.

How to Do an Aerial Cartwheel

Aerial adverts are clearly here to stay and businesses think an airplane ad is the best way to capture a young audience. Aerial announcements tend to highlight products like suntan lotion and beer for example, as well as give publicity to local FM stations, bars and clubs among the many possibilities video.

Aerial advertising rates vary from company to company offering the service. However, factors like location and the length of banner have to be taken into consideration. Advertising rates can start at $350 per tow although more often than not, hourly rates can be provided by the company who will do your ads.

Another plus point for an airplane advertisement is the high rate of recall among people who happen to see one fly by. Percentage figures on how many remembered the aeroplane advertisement going by and how many recalled the message once the aircraft towing the banner passed, are phenomenally high.

An airplane ad can be seen during daytime at any spot. Spring break over the beaches of the US which have a high density of young people appears to be prime time for aerial adverts. Burger joints, pizza parlors and happy hours at the many bars and clubs are advertised and the number of young people entering the establishments after seeing the in-flight ads can only be pleasing to the business.

The low aerial ad charges, especially in comparison to a spot on TV or radio, makes the money invested worth it. One should also consider that during spring break, very few revelers are likely to be indoors so outdoors is the best place to highlight your product, service or offer.

A good indicator of the power of aerial advertising is best exemplified by the launch of the state lottery in Maine. While a mere six percent was accorded to aerial advertising as part of the lottery’s marketing budget, 18.3 percent of people surveyed said they found out about the lottery from such ads.

This compares favorably with billboards at 21.6 percent, radio (19.8 percent), television (15.9 percent) and posters (14.9 percent). And remember, only six percent of the budget was set aside for aerial commercials!

With these kinds of figures, an airplane banner is clearly the way to go, a fact many businesses are now finding out for themselves. An instant audience, high recall rates and the growing popularity of aerial adverts has convinced many marketing managers.

While many express concern about aerial advertising rates being possibly quite high, they would be in for a surprise. An easy phone call to a company specializing in aerial advertisements should clear up any doubts. With airplane advertisement, your message could be flying high over the ad clutter on the ground!

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