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United Alliance Global Solutions (UGS) is an accredited Afghan company, set up in March 2021 to offer a highly skilled Afghan labor force for a rapidly growing Afghanistan. The company consists of hundreds of Afghan’s from various backgrounds, including: administrative, technical, education and business skills. Although the firm has its origins in Pakistan, but it was able to secure the services of several hundred Afghan’s from various backgrounds. A large part of the company’s staff is from Afghanistan’s rural areas. These employees have been provided with the necessary skills to operate in an advanced and highly demanding international environment.

Popular Offshore Outsourcing Models for Software Development

The company was able to acquire several well-trained IT staff members from several IT outsourcing training centers located in Pakistan and India. These employees are employed by the UAGS only to man their offices in Afghanistan and provide administrative support. The employees are trained and certified to handle all kinds of technology-related projects. They perform this function as a complement to the company’s own internal IT professionals BPO philippines.

IT outsourcing has come to be a significant revenue generator for many multinational companies. IT outsourcing can be defined as the transfer of technical and business knowledge from one company or another, primarily to a third-party country that offers a lower cost of employing skilled IT professionals. The term of outsourcing can also be used when an organization transfers all the offshore IT processes to a third-party service provider in the form of training and certification.

IT outsourcing is the process of contracting with an external firm or organization, usually based in a third-party country, to undertake your work. In today’s world, most countries are offering excellent and lucrative contract opportunities to international businesses. Most often, these contracts cover a wide range of services such as accounting, software development, payroll processing, customer service and marketing. A few of the popular outsourcing destinations include China, India, the Philippines, and the United Kingdom.

Alliance Global Solutions provides state-of-the-art business training solutions for both midsize and large enterprises. The Alliance Global Solutions business solutions encompass a wide array of offerings, including finance and accounting, human resources management, manufacturing, supply chain management, operations management, strategic management, telecommunication, training and development, and software development. The Alliance Global Solutions portfolio includes over 650 certified training and certification programs and has successfully trained thousands of professionals in a variety of fields. These experts help your organization to leverage information technology to its maximum advantage. The Alliance Global Solutions network is comprised of highly qualified, experienced, and Certified Technology Professionals who are dedicated to delivering industry-leading information technology training. With over 25 years experience in training industry-specific courses, we deliver training that is designed specifically to meet the needs of our clients.

Alliance Global Solutions prides itself on providing first-class service to our clients. With our comprehensive portfolio, we help our clients to grow, succeed, and generate higher profits. With our knowledge and expertise, Alliance Global Solutions can assist you in effectively implementing information technology and management solutions to improve your overall business performance. Contact Alliance Global Solutions for more information on what we can do for you!

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