Building Construction Materials Made Green

Building construction materials is the material used in the construction of buildings. Most of the materials on hand are natural, but some man-made products have also become part of the construction mix. Some of these materials are not only useful for building construction, but also useful in our daily lives. They are used in food processing, packaging, transportation, etc.

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Traditional Concrete – The use of traditional concrete forms a major part of the construction industry. However, recent years have seen a rapid decline in its popularity due to a number of environmental concerns. Traditional concrete consists of aggregate, sand, gravel and water. Today, materials like polystyrene and polyurethane have largely replaced the traditional concrete. Other than the concrete, other materials like stone, ceramic tiles, steel rebar and other composite materials like bricks, stones and metals are used in building construction today tam nhua mica.

Green Building Materials – Today it has become imperative to use eco friendly building materials. In the past, builders relied heavily on natural cement in the construction process. As a result, the waste from this process was heavily weighted towards the manufacturing of cement and other products. In addition, many toxic chemicals were released into the soil during the mining and drilling process. To remedy the situation, most modern concrete manufacturers and precast concrete slabs now contain minimal amounts of toxic chemicals.

Recycled Plastic – One of the most important developments in green building materials has been the move to use recycled plastic as part of the construction process. In fact, today almost all the precast concrete slabs, whether used for road construction or any other purpose, contain recycled plastic that comes from the old automobile manufacturing plants. This plastic is then crushed and molded into pre-cast concrete forms, like pavers, which are then used in road construction. The recycled plastic does not release toxic fumes or waste into the atmosphere; instead, it is recycled and used again.

Insulation – Another green building material that has gained much favor among home owners and builders is the use of insulated polystyrene or cement sheet panels. These panels are highly effective in reducing heat loss or increase in energy efficiency when used as roofing materials. A number of insulated panels are available that can be used in both the hot and cold weather conditions. Moreover, an insulated panel has the potential to provide better thermal performance than the traditional concrete or brick roofing option.

These are some of the important developments taking place in the green construction sector. With this, you can also save a significant amount of money while completing your construction project. Furthermore, if your local hardware store, like Lowe’s or Home Depot, stocks these materials like thermoplastic polymers, insulation products, and low-cost roofing options, you can save even more. Thus, it would be a wise decision to take advantage of these highly cost-effective options.

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