Nokia C5 – The Ultimate C Series Smart Phone

Nokia seems to be bucking the trend with its newest C-5 model, which resembles an iPhone, at least the screen. And it appears to be an instant hit with cell phone and smart phone consumers. With the C, E, X, N series devices, Nokia is able to deliver the right personal tech at the right price to each and every user, from the low end to the high-end techno geek and early adopter. The C-5 model is not the top of the line phone, although it looks it, and it’s not anywhere near the bottom either. It’s more like middle of the road phone with the right lines and the right look for the right price.

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The phone has highspeed packet access for data transfer, which is nice, and it takes very detailed and high-resolution pictures with over a 15 GB hard drive. It is not yet available in the US, but the company is selling them like hot cakes on pre-orders to their dealer networks in Africa, Middle East, Asia and Europe. The phone has the ability to use Google and Microsoft email, and instant messaging services. It is obvious Nokia wants no part of the brand war, only wants to sell a ton of phones. But will they you ask Realme X7 Max 5G?

Could be, as it sells for about $180 and it is fully integrated for the social networking teen, able to use all the applications on Facebook and Myspace, as well as several other foreign social networking websites. Nokia is delivering what the people want, and Nokia cell phone smart phone technology has found niches to exploit as Apple, Google, and others look for a way to the end-all-be-all to all users. Nokia is doing well in the market place and their profits in 2009-2010 seem to indicate that the consumers are pleased.

It would be very hard to debate that Nokia will be the leader in handset sales in 2010, as they cleared over a billion in profit in 2009, and sold some 1.83 million phones. Some believe that HTC is going to rock their world in coming years, but it’s doubtful if that will happen this year. Nokia has things going on, and thus, it does pay to check out which phones in their line of smart phone models fit your fancy, that is if you are presently in the market for a new cellphone. Please consider all this as you do your online cellphone shopping in 2010.

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