The Green Poly Tarp

Are you mad because your blue tarp has already torn up? Next time around purchase a green tarp instead. Yea blue ones are alright in the pinch but not for the long term, the green tarps are for the long haul. You can get green tarps in several sizes, and have unique features that make them useful in many different situations. The green tarps are built for the heavy duty jobs you need to tackle. They are made from a much thicker plastic than the blue ones are. This helps them last longer than the blues too. With proper care they can last many times longer. The green tarps usually will last a good 6 months to one year, which is longer than the blues last under normal conditions. The material that the green tarps are made from is most of the time polyethylene. Just look at the gauges of the tarps to compare, the green is 6 ounce gauge, and the blue is 3 ounce gauge. Dry Top 1012 Medium Duty Tarp, 10x12 Feet, Blue: Home  Improvement

So the green tarps can be up to twice as strong as the blue tarps. Aside from this, there is a coating added to the green tarps. This keeps them from rotting due to UV rays like the blue tarps do within a few months. The green ones often include limited 3-year warranties of for UV protection and how durable they are. These tarps often stand up to extremely high winds and storms. You can use them to cover your tent camping, or you can cover cargo in your truck, and be confident that they will protect either from weather changes and high winds alike Tarpaulin Store.

The blue tarps have grommets that are 3 feet apart, whereas the green tarps have the grommets 18 inches apart. This allows you to tie down what your a covering more tightly to protect it, or secure it to the ground better. More grommets mean more spots you can tie it down. This means that the edges will not get overly stressed with a more secure tie on, because the stress is more evenly placed throughout the edges. Thanks to their coating these green tarps are one hundred percent waterproof. The tarps are actually covered on both their sides with this waterproofing material. It enables you to keep your tent or load dry. Wet ground will not even be a concern; just place the green tarp on the wet, and then place the tent over it, and you will be shielded fro the dampness. The tarps will shield your wood piles for dampness, whether it is for fire wood or construction type lumber.

As long as you have your items completely under the green tarps they will not get wet at all. If you live in a rural area, the green tarp would blend in with the countryside instead of sticking out like the blue ones do. Your wood piles will never stand out anymore! In other situations where the tarps could be used they would be more pleasing to the eyes too. Blue just slaps you in the eyes unlike green. Green tarps overall are well worth the cost. They last more time than the blue tarps do. But along with that they are water, rip, and sun rot proof. They have more strength and are not as noticeable as the blue ones.

Just think you will not have to spend as much money trying to replace the green tarps as you do with the blue tarp. This permits you to have this money to spend on other things such as food. The blue tarps aren’t good for the environment either because you have to dispose of more of them. So buying the better built, more durable, and kinder to the environment green tarps is the right choice.

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