Can God Be Separated From Sex?

You are living in a physical world. God’s physical world. Should we act naturally? What does that mean? Naturally. Let’s say of nature. like all creatures of the earth. But wait. There is a difference. Man has a stream of consciousness. That is what makes man aware of himself. It is personal to him alone. A unique view of the world around him. This is what gives man complete control of his own mind. Man also has an intangible power. A power to do the magnificent.

What about God? Well, that is a doozie. But I will tell you. God is the Universe. And we, like everything else, is a part of the Universe. Even The Heavens are a part of the Universe. Man is a part of God literotica. As a matter of fact Man is a very close kin to God in most Religions. After all man was created by God in his own image and likeness. God gave man life. He breathed his own breath into man. So, what does this all mean?

What if I told you that man is Gods physical outlet to the world? We are his eyes, ears and experiences to this physical realm. Would you believe me? That would mean that man is totally a part of God. And you are at the helm. What is it possible to do with the power of God? There is a better and much simpler way of asking and answering that question at the same time. With the Power of God what can I not do? Wait. There is one restriction on man. He must never forget that the physical realm is only temporary. What I am saying is that Mans physical life will be very short compared to his spiritual form which he will be in for eternity.

Ok,so lets get to the sex part. Oh the temptations and the pleasures that exist for man to enjoy are many. Must You resist the wants and desires of the flesh? Will I still be close to God if I give in to my physical desires? Let me answer that last one right away. You will always be close to God. No matter what you do. You may not always have Gods favor but you will always be with God and He with you.

There are many stories of men, and woman who are truly devoted to God that have given into the pleasures of sex. Many of these people remain devoted to God and his work. Many of their own respective religions, according to their own law, these people have committed sin. So are they good or bad? Do they live separate lives? You know. I am talking to all of you, not just religious leaders. All of you. Can you separate sex from God, or even from yourself? Do you take your sexual appetite with you to church when you confront God? Hmm… Do you bring God with you when you have sex, or legally enter into a bridal chamber? Are we forced to live a dual life because of Mans many laws?

The fact is that you do bring your sexual appetite wherever you go and yes you do bring God also wherever you go. This brothers and sisters is what you must first realize. You do not live dual lives. Face it and try to be comfortable with your existence. God knows as much about you as you do about yourself, excuse nothing.

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