Selecting a Major for Your College Degree

Undergraduate education is training achieved prior to post-baccalaureate education and usually after secondary schooling. It usually includes all post-secondary educational programs, from the associate’s degree to the bachelor’s degree. The first education attained in any college degree program is called the undergraduate program. The second education gained is called the postbaccalaureate program. Both these types of education are intended to prepare students for careers after graduation.

The Myth of the Four-Year College Degree |

There are four types of college degrees: Bachelor of Arts (BA); Bachelor of Science (BS); Bachelor of Nursing (SN); and Master of Science (MS). Each of these Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science Degrees require separate entry requirements and have their own requirements for enrollment. Students may take an exam to earn a Bachelor of Science Degree. For students to apply for admission into an undergraduate degree program, the student must already have an associate’s degree or be enrolled in an undergraduate program with a course load that enables him/her to qualify for acceptance

A Bachelor of Arts Degree requires that the student have at least a high school diploma. A Bachelor of Science Degree requires at least a bachelor’s degree with courses primarily consisting of biology, chemistry, and physics. A Bachelor of Nursing Degree trains the student to use scientific methods in the treatment of physical illness and injury and to assist nursing students in diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation. A Master of Science Degree trains students to apply scientific reasoning to a variety of areas related to science, mathematics, and psychology.

If one wants to pursue graduate studies in psychology, one must first complete a two-year undergraduate course related to psychology. Afterward, the student may enroll in a graduate course at a community college or technical/vocational school. At the completion of this course, the student should have enough general college credits to enable him/her to declare a major or pursue graduate studies. If a student pursues a doctoral degree, he/she will have to complete a four-year bachelor’s degree, plus a master’s or doctorate, and complete a minimum of six additional years of graduate study. The student will be required to take a specific number of credits of anatomy, physics, chemistry, and biology, in addition to the general credits needed to enroll in a master’s program.

Psychology graduate students can pursue a number of graduate degrees. A Ph.D. is earned when the student has finished his/her undergraduate degree and is eligible to sit for the graduate school exam. The Ph.D. requires a thesis that is expounded on the specific areas of psychology. A student may choose to specialize in one specific area of psychology, such as clinical psychology, human sexuality, clinical biology, or social work.

Students must also register for a general college degree in order to enroll in graduate programs in their chosen fields. The length of the associate degree program depends on the university or college, and the student must meet all requirements before matriculation can take place. The student will typically have to take a course of study in order to earn an associate degree. In many cases, students select courses from a prerequisites list, depending on the discipline in which they wish to enroll.

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