Should You Be Concerned With Green Lipped Mussel Supplement Side Effects

Studies have shown green lipped mussel supplement effectiveness for treating the symptoms from arthritis and other health conditions as the result of chronic inflammation. But regardless that the supplement works, you certainly would want to know about any green lipped mussel supplement side effects before taking it oxycodon online .

The mussel supplements are made from nutrient extracts taken from the live mussels, making them a natural food source. And providing that the manufacture does not include any kind of chemicals or additives during processing – there would be no adverse green lipped mussel supplement side effects to anyone that was able to eat the raw mussels.

So, unlike anti-inflammatory drugs that have many known issues like bleeding, ulcers, and possible liver damage; the problem issues for these supplements are in the form of allergic reactions or stomach sensitivities. For that reason,if you are allergic to any kind of shellfish, you would be wise to speak to your doctor before taking this or any other seafood supplement as allergic reactions can often be extremely severe.

Other side effects that people have reported when taking a green lipped mussel supplement are mild stomach upset, gas, and fluid retention. Often the side effects of stomach upset and gas can be eliminated,or greatly reduced by taking the supplement,with food or by spreading out the dosage throughout the day.

For those suffering from gout, it is important to note that green lipped mussel supplements do contain purines, which could raise your uric acid levels and trigger an attack. On the other hand the supplements also have a high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids, which are strong anti-inflammatories. So, this is a possible supplement side effect, but it also might be offset or not lead to a problem.

There are also some reports that for some people taking the supplements for treating arthritis have experienced increased pain and a feeling of heat at the site of their effected joints, after beginning the supplements. This feeling goes away after a week or two,and the joints begin to feel better and inflammation is reduced. In these cases the side effects have been viewed as a ‘sign’ that the green lipped mussel supplements are starting to work at those areas where the joints are most affected.

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