How to Know Existence

The present moment affects everyone the same, no matter your race, creed, gender, or social status. It only exists right now, it can never be undone, and can not be stopped. The present moment is now, and it will always be right now.

The present moment is all we ever have; we all have it all the time. We can not have the past, it is over and unchangeable. We can not have the future as it is only an imagined thing. The only thing we have is right now; the present moment.

We only feel right now. You can only be happy right now Tabula Rasa Online Retreat . You can not be happy tomorrow, you can not be happy yesterday, you can only be happy right now. You can only BE right now; you exist right now, you can only exist right now.

You can have memories of past feelings and experiences, but you can not relive them. You can duplicate past feelings and experiences, but you can never have the same one a second time. Each and every emotion and experience you have is unique to you and is experienced only in the present moment.

The breath you just took is done, over with, never to be done again. The breath you are having right now is all you can or will have. The breath you are about to take is in the future and may or may not arrive depending on you.

Thoughts you had in the past are memories and can not be changed or undone, they are in the past. The past is fixed; it is in the past and will stay in the past. You can not live in the past no matter how hard you try; you live now, for now, and right now.

You can control what you will experience, but you only experience it right now in the present moment. You can think only right now. Every thought you have is in the present moment, you can not have a future thought, you have the present moment, and that is all you have.

You can use your thoughts to cause certain effects on your present moment. You can think now “I will hold my breath” and then you do. So the future breath you were about to take has been postponed and lost at the same time. You can not un-hold your breath, so therefore you can not breathe that breath you would have had if you did not hold your breath. Yet at the same time you did not have that breath so you can breathe it when you want, but only if it is in the present moment.

You can make plans for your future, you can plan to do anything you desire, but you can not have your future until it arrives. You plan to take a trip somewhere, yet you do not experience the whole trip at once, you experience one part at a time, in the present moment. You buy your ticket right now, and you have it. You board the plan right now and so you have. The plane takes off right now, and you have experienced the acceleration, but that is over and now you experience flying. The thing is; you are experiencing it in the present moment, and that is right now.

You can not plan emotions, you can only experience them, some you can experience by choice and others not so much by choice. You can choose to be happy, and you will be happy, but you will only be happy in the present moment. It is the same with pain; you only experience it right now. It does not affect you in the past; only right now, this instant; the present moment.

You have a certain amount of time allotted to you; this is called your life span. You will only live for so long and then this life is over. If you do not use your life force wisely then you have wasted one of the greatest non-renewable resources known to the human race. You must use your life; you only have it right now. You can only live in the present moment. Tomorrow is probable, but not guaranteed.

Romans 8:26-39 contains a wealth of discussion material, all of it reinforcing the fact that God is rich in love, mercy and compassion. Sometimes this message gets overshadowed by the tasks and issues we’re dealing with in day-to-day life, but it is a true and good message nonetheless.

“Likewise the Spirit also helps in our weaknesses. For we do not know what we should pray for as we ought, but the Spirit makes intercession for us with groanings which we don’t always understand. Now He (God), who can search our hearts, knows what the mind of the Spirit is, because the Spirit makes intercessions for us according to the will of God. And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.”

The Holy Spirit is the active, loving movement of God in our lives. This Presence is known by different names and phrases such as Holy Spirit, the Breath of Life, Advocate, Ruach, Chi, and others. People throughout time and all over the world have described this active Presence in their lives. The Holy Spirit lives within us, and serves as our Guide when we tap into its Presence.

But because of our human ability to mentally live in either the past, present or future, we don’t always make the connection with the Spirit and enjoy all the relationship s/he has to offer. The Holy Spirit is Presence, and this means we must be in the Present Moment to make the connection. If we decide to live in the past or the future, we live there alone. And how do we attain this Presence in the present? Well, the answer to this question is the same as the answer to the question, “How do we get to Carnegie Hall?” The answer: “Practice, practice, practice.”

“To be called according to His purpose” means to fully leave in the Present Moment – not dwelling in the past or being overly concerned with the future. Life happens now. The Spirit is in the Now. So the key is to practice present moment awareness, sometimes referred to as “mindfulness.” When mindfulness is in you, so is the Holy Spirit. It is then that you can fully understand what you are to do in each moment, regardless of the task at hand.

Being mindful is to know what is going on around you as well as within you at any moment. We must learn to live life slowly, experiencing each and every moment – the sounds, the colors, the faces, the conversation, the feelings, the thoughts. As monastics, we begin spiritual formation slowly, so we learn how to live. And once we get better at it, we learn to go even slower. And eventually when we become masters, we practice life as slowly as possible. If we trip, or drop something, or feel frustrated, or miss something, or feel that life is moving too fast, then life is moving too fast. Slow it down. Return to the present.

Contemplate the question closely because it will give you a glimpse into whether you are living with remorse or inspiration.

Anger can be a toxic emotion if not dealt with because it weaves its way into our psyche and manifests as physiological symptoms including pain. I remember many years ago working with a female client who experienced unexplained back pain that lasted several years or more. Samantha had recently retired and arrived to our session with debilitating back pain having explored all other options other than surgery.

Whilst most medical professionals offered their expert advice to ease her symptom, I could tell after our first session her pain wasn’t physically related but attributed to repressed emotions. She was holding on to anger and anxiety which according to Dr. John Sarno is called TMS Tension Myositis Syndrome which I describe in my book, The Power To Navigate Life.

She was stuck in the past holding onto unresolved anger and anxiety which had manifested as lower back pain. I realise such a claim can be met with disbelief, however Samantha consulted with many doctors, neurosurgeons and orthopaedic surgeons who could not find any evidence of why she was in pain.

During our work together, I helped her to explore the role of repressed emotions and suggested there may be a link to her back pain. I was careful not to diagnosis her issue but open the door so she could explore it further, which she was happy to do. Working with a clinical psychologist trained in somatic awareness alongside physical therapy, Samantha overcame her back pain whilst making peace with the past.

Sometimes we can hold on tightly to the past that it blemishes the aliveness of the present moment. Meanwhile, we continue to revisit painful memories or in the case of my client Samantha, her repressed emotions had manifested as back pain. It wasn’t until she revisited and healed the memories of her past that she overcame her physical pain.

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