Concept Essay

Writing a concept essay can help you satisfy your thirst for exploration. You can be a true philosopher. Writers should make sure that the essay is interesting for both them and the readers.
To write a great concept essay, it is important to share your personal experience with interesting examples. You should be prepared to think large and creatively. Be open-minded and let your imagination run wild. Take a grape twig and make a Greek sophist pose. Then, follow these easy steps.

Avoid objectivity

When you are choosing a topic to write about, think about the concept you want to describe. Avoid concepts that have an objective definition. Yes, terms from astrophysics or microbiology won’t work.

It should be open to interpretation. Your concept should be open to interpretation. Write about honesty, freedom and happiness. These concepts are abstract so it is impossible to give them a correct or wrong definition. However, one can give a subjective one. This opens up the door to your imagination!

Hook your fish!

To start your essay, think of a story or funny anecdote. This would be your ‘hook’ to your audience. The introduction is the most important part of your essay.

Some might argue that the conclusion is a summary and therefore is the most important. It’s not. The reader’s attention disappears towards the end of the essay. This is why you should treat your attention like a vice, starting with the first line.

I’ve been rich, broke and everything in between.

A compelling thesis statement should be included in your introduction. It should be both logical and personal. Engage the reader by defining the concept in your own terms. Use your personal experience to prove that you really are wordly-wise.

Get out on the trails!

Step by step, provide arguments and reinforce them with real-life examples. To make your words convincing and confident, you must think carefully. You can’t make mistakes, so there is no room for doubt.


Your essay would be perfect if it ended exactly the same way as you began. You could use a new joke or a sane quotation. Your concept essay should leave readers with a new idea and some brain food.

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